Advice from Crazifornia to Texas

I strayed a bit far afield in my most recent opinion piece in The Daily Caller, focusing on an environmental story out of Texas. But there’s a connection – what oil producers in Texas are facing at the hands of radical environmentalists is exactly what California went through a few years back when the Natural Resources Defense Council tried to stop land development in Southern California by seeking the listing of the California gnatcatcher as an endangered species.

In that battle, which I was deeply involved with on behalf of developers, we ultimately prevailed thanks to intervention from a most unlikely source: a newly elected president by the name of Bill Clinton.  Do you think the Texas oil producers can count on Barack Obama to extend a helping hand?

Here’s how the Daily Caller piece gets started:

There couldn’t be a better friend to radical anti-oil environmentalists than the sand dune lizard. No, wait. Perhaps the alternative energy true believers in the federal government, from the president down, are even better friends to the radicals. We’ll know soon enough, thanks to a fight that’s pitting lizards against oil producers.

The sand dune lizard caught the eye of environmentalists because it lives exclusively in the Texas and New Mexico counties located in the Permian Basin, the most productive energy-producing land in the Lower 48. As such, it is probably the single best species to latch onto if you want to stop much of our domestic oil and natural gas production in its tracks, since there’s nothing like an endangered species listing to keep people from doing much on the listed critter’s habitat.

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