The Queen of the Coastal Star Chamber

The Daily Caller ran my op/ed on the latest intrigue at the California Coastal Commission, the state’s all-time champ at trampling on private property rights and the test case for obsessive over-regulation.  The column focuses on the new chairwoman of the Commission, Sara Wan, and is appropriately titled, “The Queen of the Coastal Star Chamber.”

When the Star Chamber ruled atop Great Britain’s legal system for 150 years until its demise in 1641, it was characterized by secrecy, intrigue, and the often arbitrary and oppressive dispensing of what could hardly be called justice. California has its own Star Chamber, the California Coastal Commission, lorded over, for the time being at least, by a portly grandmother from Malibu, Sara Wan.

There is a pitched competition between California agencies for which is the most nonsensical in its implementation of over-reaching regulations. Certainly, the California Air Resources Board, which recently tried to ban black cars in the state in its fevered effort to save the world from global warming, is a strong contender. The California Energy Commission, which last year deprived Californians of the right to purchase large, high-performance LCD and plasma televisions — also to save the planet — is another contender. But none can top the Coastal Commission when it comes to imposing its will forcefully on the hapless Californians who are deemed to fall short of the Commission’s deep green political will.

For the rest of the post – including a blow-by-blow recount of Wan’s recent power grab and the possible ramifications, read the entire op/ed at The Daily Caller.