Time to Stop Bashing California?

WoodshedCrazifornia has been taken to the woodshed by liberal columnist Froma Harrop. Her piece Thursday in Real Clear Politics, Tough Times for California Bashers, declares:

[W]hen the Golden State conspicuously succeeds, California bashers find themselves at a loss. Until recently mired in deep budget deficits, California’s general fund is set to end next year in a surplus.
Surely deeper evil lies ready to bubble up, the bashers warn. To them, California resembles the phantom Rollo Tomasi from “L.A. Confidential” — the criminal “who gets away clean.”

It must especially pain conservatives that sunnier economic news partly results from voters directly rejecting Republican politicians and their agenda. A simplification here, but California’s famously dysfunctional politics have reflected Democrats’ desire to spend on certain public goals and Republican resistance to raising revenues needed to fund them.

So what did the voters do? Last November, they approved a temporary tax hike on themselves, expected to add $6 billion annually in revenues for the next seven years. And they handed Democrats a two-thirds supermajority in the state legislature, enabling them to raise taxes without Republican support.

Cornered by good news, some conservatives need to lash out.

I confess, I do lash a bit, but no, I’m hardly at a loss. Behind the liberals’ rush to launch into a rowdy rendition of Happy Days are Here Again remains a wealth of inconvenient truths they would rather ignore. Harrop certainly does.

She passes off the flight of companies and capital (both fiscal and intellectual) from the state with a Scarlet O’Hara-esque, “Right, and they’re no longer sewing sweatshirts in Manhattan or butchering cows in Chicago.” Cute, but it doesn’t turn the moving vans around. She lampoons our concerns about the costs inherent with the shift to subsidy-needing alternative energies without admitting our power costs are the highest in the nation and no one is predicting them to drop any time soon.

And she doesn’t even mention underfunded public employee retirement and health plans which will cost hundreds of billions of dollars to make whole. That’s billions, Froma, hundreds of ‘em. Oops. Was I lashing?

I could go on, but I sense you’re probably ahead of me on this anyway. If you’re not and still believe the Jerry Brown Choir that all is now better in California, I suggest you read Wayne Lusvardi’s response to Harrop at CalWatchdog, Is CA Really Barreling Down Recovery Road?