A Little Hope?

The latest Field Poll tells us a plurality of California voters – 45 percent of ‘em – now have had it up to here with public employee unions.

Before you go too crazy over this remarkably good news, I should tell you 40 percent of California voters still think the greedy, destructive unions that represent government employees are just fine.

Still, it was a big swing, and the first time the unions ended up on the losing end.

And if voters weren’t ticked off already, we found out today that some people in Sacramento are actually thinking of giving a half-billion of our tax dollars each year for the next few years to the teachers’ union pension fund. If we don’t, they reason, the whole thing will go belly-up because the all-powerful California Teachers Association has exacted far more in teacher benefits that the stock market can fund.

I for one don’t think many Californians who don’t work for government will take too kindly to this.

The Californian political pendulum has been swinging farther and farther left since 1905. It’s got to turn back the other direction sometime … maybe sometime sooner than we all fear.

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