How to Read Crazifornia If You’re a Liberal

The rumors are true. Crazifornia’s author is a small government conservative. Does that mean the book will be no fun for big government liberals?

Not at all!

A lot of what ails California is non-partisan. Even if you like big government, chances are pretty good you don’t like incompetent big government, or big government that is clumsily or dangerously over-reaching its authority. That’s why liberals can enjoy Crazifornia, too.

A Reading Plan for Liberals

  • Just tear out the Introduction, Chapter 1 and Chapter 2. They’ll make you bust a gasket.
  • Start on Chapter 5, “Governing: Excellence in Bureaucratic Ineptitude.” Unless you’re an inept bureaucrat who thinks there’s no reason to improve, you’ll find it funny and frustrating.
  • Definitely read Chapter 6, “Business: Roll Up the Red Carpet and Call the Moving Van.” For starters, it has a section on the pornography business – and it’s sure not conservatives who defend pornographers.  Besides, there’s a cost to being anti-business, and before you support your local anti-business legislator, you might as well understand what it does to California when businesses vote with their feet, taking their money with them.
  • If you’re a dyed in the wool California Teachers Association member forget Chapter 7, “Education: All Children Left Behind.” Everyone else can read it. The section on the self-esteem movement in schools may seem a little un-PC to you, but hey! Liberals put their kids in private schools, too.
  • Chapter 8, “Environmentalism: Being – and Burning – Green,” tells some amazing stories about how wrong-headed much of California’s environmental regulations and regulators are. If you burn incense to Gaea the Earth Mother every morning, then (1) forget reading this chapter, and (2) why aren’t you worried about the carbon footprint of that incense?
  • For now, just skip Chapter 9, “Pensions and the Budget: The High Cost of Progressivism,” and the Conclusion, “A Century of Progressive Politics Comes Home to Roost.”
  • Instead, flip back and read the “Jerry Brown, Oil Baron” section of Chapter 3, “Progressivism’s Legacy: Jerry Brown’s Second Century.” Then pause for a moment and think about Jerry Brown in light of the fundamental hypocrisy he tries so hard to hide.
  • Read Chapter 4 next, “Morality in Play: California’s Cultural Revolution.” This is probably the most non-partisan chapter in the book – and to me, the most interesting. I’ve saved you the best for almost last.
  • Then, try to get through the chapter on pensions and the budget. I hope you can, because it just might change you into a conservative. But if you end up throwing down the book and shouting profanities in my general direction, I understand.
  • When you calm down again, pick Crazifornia up off the floor and read the Conclusion.  By now, you will have read enough to understand just how fragile California’s future is, and the Conclusion lays out very clearly what will happen if we stay on the course we’re on – and what you, even if you’re still a liberal at this point, can do to help save this state.

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