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It’s been a busy week, so let me catch you up quickly with a couple of my op/eds – published here first – that have hit the big time.

The Daily Caller picked up “California’s public universities are the best. No really,” detailing Berkeley’s recent designation as the world’s (yes, the world’s) greenest college campus.  The award was based more on sustainability practices than on its excellence in turning normal students into raving eco-warriors, but it’s all the same game, as the key paragaph of the piece points out:

Now don’t get me wrong. Green space is great and eco-sustainability policies are as cool as it comes. Whether there’s a looming eco-catastrophe or not (I think it’s “not”), nothing feels better than whipping out that re-usable grocery bag at Safeway. No, the problem with Berkeley’s newfound glory is that it’s the outgrowth of the deeper commitment to deep green brainwashing that goes on at UC campuses. If it weren’t for regents who have bought into environmentalist doctrine, a faculty that’s bought into environmentalist extremism, and a curriculum that ensures wave after wave of freshly minted environmentalist soldiers will graduate every spring and go into battle for Mother Earth, Berkeley would not be at the top of the green university rankings.

Read the rest here.

Also last week, California Watchdog ran “A clue to Governor Brown’s pension plan.” It relays an interesting last-minute appointment by Schwarzenegger: Cameron Percy to the California State Teachers’ Retirement System board of directors. What’s interesting is that Percy was one of the student authors of Stanford’s breakthrough study into California’s real pension liability, which they pegged at a deeply disturbing half-trillion dollars, so I explain why it’s suddenly the appointment to watch:

Percy’s nomination will give us a clear insight into Brown’s thoughts as he grapples with this dilemma.  The appointment must be confirmed by the Dem-dominated Senate, but Percy may not even get that far, since Brown has the power to boot him and name his own appointee. How Brown acts on the appointment will tell California voters and public employee union bosses what they can expect from the new administration. It’s routine for incoming governors to replace the nominees of out-going governors, but there’s nothing at all routine about the Percy nomination.

Read the rest  here.  I really appreciate it when you click through.  The more hits my op/eds get, the more it supports my efforts with Crazifornia.

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