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Crazifornia: The Book - Amazon #1!*

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  • When the agency responsible for California’s roads spends $4 million on new cars and trucks, then parks them, unused, for two years, that’s Crazifornia.
  • When cancer warnings are required on buildings because they may contain estrogen or testosterone, that’s Crazifornia.
  • And when a full-frontal governmental assault on jobs and business drives enough people out of a state in ten years to double the population of Oregon, well, that’s Crazifornia too.

Crazifornia, Tales from the Tarnished State brims with unforgettable stories of dancing lesbians, invisible ink ballots, hollering legislators, Post Office Ph.D.s and trains to nowhere, delivering laughs, head-scratching wonder and powerful insights. Whether your interest in California politics is passionate or passing, Crazifornia is a must-read for all concerned Californians … and anyone concerned that California may be coming their way.

Through tale after outrageous, funny, tragic tale, Crazifornia explains why California is crashing. Part One provides history and perspective, explaining how the PEER Axis – Progressives, Environmentalists, Educators and Reporters – took over the Golden State and work to keep it a leader in Progressivism, generation after generation. You’ll also read about Jerry Brown’s massive oil holdings and California’s incredible influence over the nation’s social, moral – and immoral – trends.

Part Two looks at the current state of affairs in the Tarnished State – bureaucratic ineptitude, anti-business policies, a failed education system, entrenched environmentalism, uncontrolled state agencies, unsustainable pensions and a perpetually unbalanced budget, and considers California’s options for the future.

* #1 on Kindle for 21st Century History, October 1, 2012